West Village is the Quaint NYC Town We’re Stealing Inspo From

sierra mayhew, fashion editor

If you know New York, you probably know the picturesque village on the West Side. It’s a place where many romantic comedies were filmed—tricking me at one point into thinking the rest of NYC is a lot cleaner and prettier than it is. West Village is also the home of a lot of the more friendly and down-to-earth celebrities who settle down in their brownstones and can be caught running to the locals’ favorite coffee shops. All of this is what convinced me to move to this quintessential New York City neighborhood and I do not plan on leaving any time soon. 

While the neighborhood may get more clout for its celebrity habitants, it’s also the perfect place for people watching because the locals are always on it when it comes personal style. A lot of the contemporary fashion brands have made a home for themselves on Bleecker street—from Andrea Iyamah to Dôen to Ganni—which inspires an equally stylish clientele. I’m always finding new trends to shop in the neighborhood I call home. These nine pieces are up first on my shopping list.

1. Oversized Tote Bags

west village style

There was a time when West Village was filled with micro bags, but now it’s quite the opposite. This is a homebase neighborhood for both the artsy types and the corporate crowd, and the one thing both groups have in common is that they need to carry a lot of stuff around. A good tote bag will do the trick.

2. Full Skirts

west village style

Swinging skirts have been in their moment lately, and West Villagers have been some of the first to adopt the trend. Any basic sweater looks good when it’s paired with a skirt that’s got a swing in its step.

3. Cashmere Sweaters

sierra mayhew, fashion editor

This neighborhood is filled with people who have good taste and are willing to invest in quality pieces, so, of course, cashmere sweaters are involved in the mix. Lately, I’ve been donating my lower-quality sweaters and only inviting in the high-quality ones.

4. Structured Blazers

west village style

Blazers were once considered a boring wardrobe staple that corporate folks clung to, but now things have certainly changed for the better. It seems like everyone has one and I guarantee that this spring that you won’t be able to walk a block without seeing one.

5. Tailored Coats

sierra mayhew, fashion editor

Puffer coats have had their time and tailored coats are currently thriving. People are willing to take a hit to their body temperature in order to enjoy the level of class that comes with a good tailored coat. I’m one of them.

6. Flare Jeans

sierra mayhew, west village style

While baggy jeans have been popular for a while, West Villagers love to make things just a bit more classy, so among the crowd of people in their post-grad era, the true locals are choosing flared jeans instead. If you want to make your legs look long, try it.

7. Sweaterdresses

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