The 20 Best Nordstrom Beauty Products With Glowing Reviews

Shopping for a new beauty product is always an adventure. First, you have to determine what you’re actually looking for, and then you’re forced to comb through all the brands and products on the internet’s figurative shelves. Last, it’s usually a good idea to read reviews—lots of them. The first place I stop when purchasing a new beauty product is Nordstrom. (That’s been the case for me ever since Nordstrom took the place of Lord & Taylor at Atlanta’s Phipps Plaza when I was a beauty-obsessed teenager.) 

Nearly 20 years later, Nordstrom is still my beauty haven. But now, I can look at reviews before I purchase anything, which I can’t do at a physical store. There was a time when I loved trial and error, but these days, I want to know what works for a range of people because it, at the very least, gives me what I’d call a beauty baseline. I mean, if a product has worked wonders for 20 people, then it just might work for me! With this in mind, I searched for the best beauty products at Nordstrom with rave reviews. Even as a beauty editor, many of these weren’t on my radar, but they are now. Keep scrolling for all 20 well-reviewed products.

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