Streaming services aren’t getting any better, but still want you to pay for more content

Prime Video recently increased its subscription by $2.99 for an ad-free experience, yet its in-video navigation has been a big issue since its inception. Despite charging ever-increasing prices, many of these platforms still let users deal with their clunky interfaces. So why are streaming platforms forcing customers to pay more while offering an average user experience?

Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Max, etc., have replaced traditional cable subscriptions as a go-to source of entertainment. According to a recent study, Americans spend 20 hours a week on these platforms and pay an average of $46 per month for these services. The reason is the wide variety of content that is constantly refreshed on the platform weekly, sometimes even daily. However, in their pursuit of content acquisition, these streaming giants seem to be neglecting one crucial point—user experience.


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