Six Nations 2024: Wales fan slams ‘astronomical’ ticket costs

“Not only the rugby, but also the music events and the other attractions that happen here bring crowds into the city, and that spins out into the bars, restaurants and hotels,” said business expert Graham Morgan.

He said people “do seem to have that additional money to spend” on attending big events, adding: “The impact on the city, of a stadium of this size, is quite significant.”

Mr Morgan said stadium bosses faced a dilemma in deciding ticket prices.

“There’s a fine balance between what price you can charge and what people are prepared to pay,” he said.

“I think that doesn’t only relate to the WRU. Every business has that dilemma as to what price they put their products and services on the shelf with.”

WRU chief executive Abi Tierney said: “All proceeds from the internationals we host at Principality Stadium are fed back into the game in Wales. In fact around 65% of the WRU’s turnover comes from hosting these games and associated commercial activities.

“We work hard on ensuring our matches are as accessible as possible with a wide range of prices available to watch Wales during the season.”

She said customer satisfaction surveys had high scores, tickets for the Italy game are available for lower prices, and the France match will be nearly sold out.

“A family of four, two adults and two children, can attend the Italy game for a total of £120 and we are confident our prices are competitive with those of other unions.

“Because of the unique way we distribute our tickets, with member clubs, it is always possible that some clubs will have tickets left close to matchday.

“We always tell supporters that the best way to support Welsh rugby is to buy tickets from our member clubs and we also partner with official supporter exchange site, Seat Unique, which helps clubs to pass on the tickets.”

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