Sam Goodman vs Mark Schleibs weigh-in results, video, ‘where’s your father’ taunt claims

Mark Schleibs has branded Australian boxing’s most famous supporter group “scumbags” after Mad Bunch members allegedly shouted “Where’s your father?” during a weigh-in scuffle at Wollongong Entertainment Centre on Tuesday.

Schleibs made the claim shortly after security were forced to separate himself and undefeated world No.1 super bantamweight contender Sam Goodman.

Despite having been branded an Anthony Mundine wannabe, 30-year-old Schleibs is looking to go earn himself one of the greatest upsets in Aussie boxing history against Goodman on Wednesday night.

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Leilua laughs at Scott’s body bag insult | 00:32

Undoubtedly, a win would also represent another incredible chapter in the life story of this fighter who was born in the Philippines to a single mum, later raised by a Melbourne bank robber and has most recently been estranged from his own son, Oscar.

For 30 years, Schleibs has also carried with him a letter which, written before he was born, was then mailed to mum by the biological father he has never met.

All of which Schleibs revealed to Fox Sports Australia late last year, when in a heartfelt interview he not only spoke about that fading letter, but a life that has also seen him overcome battles with alcohol, depression, even two suicide attempts.

That, and a childhood where, in a troubled household, he also dreamed of one day becoming a world champion boxer so that “dad would see me on TV”.

Only recently, the Melburnian has also come into the possession of both a photo and contact details for the man — at best guess, a travelling Saudi businessman — who may be his father.

Yet for the past couple of months that search has been put on hold while Schleibs has thrown everything into preparing for his showdown with Goodman – who is already mandatory for Japanese megastar Naoya Inoue.


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Sam Goodman and Mark Schleibs involved in a scuffle. Gregg Porteous / No Limit BoxingSource: Supplied

While he may be a large betting outsider for the first No Limit Pay-Per-View of 2024, the fighter has also more than played up the villain role by taking cracks at not only Goodman, or his hometown, but another Wollongong favourite in UFC superstar Alexander Volkanovski.

Yet during Tuesday’s weigh-ins, things took a controversial turn when members of Goodman’s extensive supporter crew – dubbed The Mad Bunch — could be heard shouting “Where’s your father” as Schleibs hit the scales.

It came as the fighter also pushed Goodman in the chest during their face off, prompting security to get in between the pair as they continued exchanging words.

Speaking afterwards, Schleibs was quick to take aim at the sledges about his family history, yet also suggested the attempt to get him rattled had failed miserably.

Asked about the weigh-in drama, he replied: “They’re yelling out that I’ve never met my father … low blows.

“But that’s the type of people he (Goodman) hangs around with.

“They’re scumbags.”


“It doesn’t surprise me, no,” he continued.

“Have a look at Wollongong.

“I can’t wait to put their boy on the canvas.”

Asked if the personal attack had upset him, Schleibs continued: “No, I’m not annoyed.

“At the end of the day, that’s what they lower themselves to trying (to break) me mentally.

“But I don’t give a f…

“They can’t upset me because I’m laser focused.

“Ready to party.

“So f… his team.

“I’m expecting a hostile crowd and that’s fine.

“They’re all jealous and insecure because they know their boy is going to get f…ed up.”

Former NRL players Curtis Scott and Joey Leilua weigh in ahead of their clashSource: Supplied

Goodman, meanwhile, was unaware of the comments when approached after the weigh-ins by Fox Sports Australia.

“What other people have said to Mark, I’m not sure,” stressed the Aussie star whose incredible rise in world boxing has never been partnered with sledging or promotional antics.

“I know he has talked a lot of s… on social media and said a lot of stuff about this town.

“So I’m guessing, with everything that he’s said, some people have gone and tried to suss out him.

“But I’m not about any of that.

“I’m here to fight.

“Same as today (with the push), that just him trying to take one last opportunity at grabbing a headline.

“But he pushed me then scurried away.

“Couldn’t get out of there quick enough.

BOXING: Goodman v Schleibs & Hardman v Saavedra | WED 13 MAR | Order Now with Main Event on Kayo Sports.

Scott & Leilua weigh in – ready to scrap | 01:33

“But he won’t be able to hide behind his team tomorrow when I put hands on him.”

Elsewhere, Schleibs suggested he had no problem with the weight cut and was even spotted laughing and joking in the fighter hotel restaurant on Monday night – posing up for mock photos with a beer.

Yet Goodman, he stressed, had looked “gaunt” up on stage during their face off and “has obviously struggled with the weight cut”.

“So he’s a dead man walking,” Schleibs said.

“I just want to punish this guy.

“Obviously there is a lot on the line Wednesday night and his is also my life’s work.

“As you know, I’ve taken risk after risk in my career which is how I’ve now got myself onto this platform.

“So there is high emotion.”

Asked if Goodman had the power to finish him, Schleibs grinned: “Nah, no way.

“The only place Sam Goodman puts people to sleep is outside the ring.

“That’s a fact.”

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