OnePlus and OPPO might let you record sounds with your earbuds

What you need to know

  • OnePlus was spotted working on a new “high-definition recording” function for its earbuds through a recent HeyMelody companion app version.
  • The feature would let users leverage their device, like the Buds 3, as a recording device alongside Immersive and Clear modes.
  • It’s unclear if this feature will be available to all Android users or if it will be exclusive to OnePlus and OPPO.

A new find suggests OnePlus might be working on a new audio-capturing feature for its earbuds and companion app.

According to Android Authority, an APK deep dive unearthed “High-definition recording” functionality within version 114.3 of the HeyMelody app. Several strings in the app’s code suggest users may see the function dubbed as “Headphone recording” once it arrives stably.


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