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Pop legend Lulu has floored fans with her ageless looks as she appeared on Saturday’s episode of The Jonathan Ross Show. The Scottish singer was on the ITV chat show to promote her tour Champagne For Lulu.

The legendary star looked chic in a black vest top teamed with a smart blazer as she wore her signature blonde locks in her usual style. But viewers could not help but admit the singer looked much younger than 75.

@‌billyt501 said: “Lulu on Jonathan Ross Show looks amazing…#jonathanross show.”

@‌jill commented: “60 years in the business.. At the age of 75. Wow. #Lulu #jonathanross #jonathanrossshow #anthonyjoshua #michalpalin and I’ll be seeing her next Tuesday.. #ChampaignForLulu.”

@‌GillShaw10 remarked: “She will do the fake scottish accent in a bit but she looks bloody good for her age #jonathanross.”

@‌Honest said: “Lulu’s a national treasure,” as John agreed: “What a darling she is.”

Lulu, whose real name is Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie, also spoke about living the single life after being married twice. Chat show host Jonathan asked Lulu, 75, about whether she would like to find a partner again.

“No, not really. I’m very happy. I’ve found that I’m really happy on my own,” the singer replied. “When I was young, I wanted a white picket fence and I wanted the dream.”

The Shout singer said that after her two marriages, she decided to focus on learning more about herself. She added: “To be honest with you, now after having two marriages and I picked two good guys, I needed to get to know myself a bit more.”

Lulu was married to BeeGees singer Maurice Gibb between 1969 and 1973. She married British celebrity hair stylist John Frieda in 1977 and the pair split in 1991.

She also had a brief relationship with David Bowie between the two marriages.

During a conversation about iconic musician Bowie, Lulu recalled feeling supported by the singer at the beginning of her career when she was a teenager “negotiating with men in suits”.

She told Jonathan: “When I met David, David said ‘The labels don’t get you. They don’t get your voice either. I’m going to make a hit record with you’.

“When he said that to me, I felt like I’d been heard and I’d been seen because it’s hard to negotiate with people who’ve been in the business for a long time.”

But when Jonathan asked about a romantic relationship with Bowie, as per her book, Lulu was quick to shut down the topic of conversation.

The Jonathan Ross Show currently airs every Saturday on ITV1 and ITX

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