Jake Gyllenhaal & Post Malone Reveal Body Transformations For New Project

Hollywood heartthrob Jake Gyllenhaal and hip-hop superstar Post Malone have revealed their respective body transformations side by side in a photo taken on set for their upcoming collaborative movie project, a remake of the 1980s classic Road House.

With Connor McGregor set to join the cast too, the film is shaping up to be something of an all-star affair that will doubtless draw viewers from around the world by the time of its upcoming release.

This week, the two stars took to Instagram to not only show off their newly transformed bodies — with Malone having lost 30kg in the past year and Gyllenhaal getting in characteristically enviable shred for the role — but also praise for each other’s work.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Post Malone on the set of ‘Road House’
byu/Big_Nasty_13 inPostMalone

Gyllenhaal called the rapper a “man of many talents” in a post on Monday, with Malone expressing similar sentiments elsewhere. Gyllenhaal has become renowned for getting into killer shape for his movies, with the reveal of his Road House body at a real-life UFC weigh-in early last year causing quite a stir.

Appearing to have gained a significant amount of weight in muscle mass – with his shoulders, chest and core all looking especially pumped-up – he also appeared to have cut his body fat percentage to previously unforeseen lows, making for an all-around chiselled look.

Somehow, this was only the first surprise of the weekend in question. The following day, Gyllenhaal appeared again, this time to film the aforementioned fight in front of a live audience. After a full-scale walkout to the octagon, Gyllenhaal proceeded to take a vicious knockout win.

Absorbing the first few faux-blows from Harris before flying at Hieron with a brutal uppercut followed by a ruthless flying knee, he finished the job with an extra flurry of punches before pushing away the referee who had stepped in to end the fight.

Post Malone, on the other hand, took to the Joe Rogan Experience last year to share the secret behind his weight loss: quitting high-sugar sodas. As reported by Men’s Health, the rapper attributes much of his weight loss to one simple substitution. Shedding a massive 27kg (60 lbs) Post Malone went from 109kg (240 lbs) to a lean 84kg (185 lbs).

Across the duration of the episode, Post Malone didn’t hold back in sharing many of the motivations and methods that helped him along the way to his incredible new look and lifestyle, being particularly frank when talking about how his new habits and health-conscious approach contrast quite proudly with his old antics.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, a whole swathe of scientific research supports Post Malone’s shift away from high-sugar beverages. The most impactful of these is arguably a study published in the journal Nutrients which highlighted how swapping out one sugary drink for water each day can lead to significant a reduction in body weight and an overall health improvement, without adjusting any other lifestyle factors.

All in all, we couldn’t be happier about this budding new bromance between two fairly unexpected characters. Do you think we’ll see them worth together again? Let us know.

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