Happy birthday to the PSVR 2, which has utterly failed to live up to its potential

Sony launched the PSVR 2 on February 22, 2023, in pretty much ideal conditions. The aging Quest 2 and ancient Valve Index left impatient VR gamers in the right frame of mind for an upgrade, and the idea of PS5-powered experiences — with the graphics of PC VR but without the hassles and expenses — had us excited. But jump ahead one year later, almost no one talks about the PSVR 2 anymore, and for good reason. 

Right now, everyone thinks of the VR space as either Apple vs. Meta or Apple vs. the world. With the Apple Vision Pro making waves, most tech brands are pivoting to “spatial” headsets. That includes Sony, which spent CES 2024 announcing a new XR headset for serious productivity and ignoring the PSVR 2 entirely. 


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