Ginsenoside Rb2 exhibits therapeutic value for male osteoporosis.


Food Funct. 2024 Feb 5 ;15(3):1583-1597. Epub 2024 Feb 5. PMID: 38240189

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Ginsenoside Rb2 exhibits therapeutic value for male osteoporosis in orchiectomy mice by suppressing osteoclastogenesis and modulating NF-κB/MAPK signaling pathways.


Osteoporosis (OP) is a systemic disorder characterized by decreased bone mass as well as deteriorated microarchitecture. Although OP in men is common, it has received much less attention than that in women. Ginseng, a famous traditional herb in Asia, is used to strengthen and repair bones by invigorating vital bioenergy and maintaining body homeostasis in dietary intake and clinical applications. However, there is currently no study investigating the impact of ginseng and its active compounds on male osteoporosis. In this study, RNA sequencing and bioinformatic analysis were conducted to reveal the influence of Ginsenoside-Rb2 on RAW264.7 cells and its underlying signaling pathways. The potential anti-osteoporosis effects of Rb2 as well as its molecular mechanisms were elucidated in RAW264.7 cells and BMMs by TRAP staining, F-actin belt staining, qRT-PCR and WB. Moreover, orchiectomy (ORX) was utilized to demonstrate the influence of Rb2 on bone mass lossby micro-CT scanning, and H&E, TRAP, and IHC staining. The results suggested that Rb2 suppressed osteoclastogenesis and mitigated bone loss in orchiectomy mice through NF-κB/MAPK signaling pathways. These findings indicate that ginseng as well as its active component Rb2 have potential therapeutic value in the management of osteoporosis in men.

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