Galaxy S24 sales reportedly rise in ‘key’ markets globally to beat the S23

What you need to know

  • A report courtesy of data from Counterpoint Research shows Samsung’s Galaxy S24 has experienced a growth in sales in “key” regions.
  • The series’ sales reportedly grew by 14% in the U.S. and by 28% in Western Europe.
  • Data showed that the Galaxy S24 Ultra has proven to be the most popular as it accounted for 52% of the sales globally.

Research shows that Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series has made headlines for the company in “key” markets following its January launch.

Citing data from Counterpoint Research, Yonhap News (Korea) states that Galaxy S24 sales have grown to surpass its previous S23 trio (via GSMArena). During the same three-week period from the end of January to February, Samsung experienced an apparent “22% jump” in S24 sales over the S23 in South Korea.


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