COS’s Cinch-Waist Cardigan Looks Just Like a Designer Buy

Looking at fashion over the past few years, oversized silhouettes have reigned supreme. From blazers to wide-leg trousers, and even the large tote bag revival, bigger has been better for a while now. But as ever, brands and fashion insiders continue to look ahead to freshly revived silhouettes that will make their mark on the fashion landscape, and right now nipped-waist styles are currently everywhere I look. It started earlier this month with a cinched waist blazer, that is undeniably elegant in creating an hourglass silhouette for any wearer. Then, during a recent scroll through one of our favourite high street stores, I came across an incredibly wearable cardigan interpretation that can glide easily into our spring wardrobes and settle there forevermore. Enter the COS waisted knitted cardigan.

COS Knitted Waisted Cardigan

(Image credit: @florriealexander)

I’ll admit, a cardigan is never going to be groundbreaking. But if there’s one brand that could come close, it’s COS. The high street hero understands that simplicity can have as much impact as maximalism when done correctly, and everything about the waisted knitted cardigan feels incredibly thoughtful. First, the collarless style keeps it in line with the classics, whilst the fitted body leans into this fresh silhouette that has taken hold for 2024. To create balance, the cardigan features an oversized raglan sleeve that further accentuates the nipped waist effect. Finally, the cuffed wrists ensure that the billowing sleeves don’t overpower the refined nature of this particular piece, and reach halfway up the wrist to add an extra flair of refinement. From every angle, this cardigan exudes an elegance that feels hard to believe from such a staple piece. Whether paired with a maxi skirt, paired with tailored trousers or layered over a slip dress, this understated knit is set to take even the simplest of looks to new heights.

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