An Expert Shares What You Need to Know About NAD in Skincare

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As a beauty editor, I have a natural curiosity about anything that will help increase longevity and youthfulness, especially when it comes to my skin. While I’ve used and loved things like NAD as a whole-body supplement (my favorite is Elysium’s energy-boosting formula), I recently discovered a few cutting-edge skincare brands that utilize it in their formulas. Wondering what NAD is? Don’t worry! I’m breaking down everything you need to know about this youth-enhancing molecule with an expert, Invity founder Eugene He, ND. Let me tell you—if you haven’t tried anything from the brand just yet, you’ll definitely want to change that. Its brightening, soothing, and plumping sheet masks are one of my all-time skincare favorites, and I always have them in my arsenal. Keep reading below for everything He had to share about this magical longevity-increasing ingredient.

What is NAD?

NAD in skincare

First, He explained exactly what NAD is and what it can do for your body as a whole. “Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is one of the essential molecules for our cells,” he says. “It is primarily involved in cellular energy production, which is required for many cellular events. Insufficient NAD levels would adversely affect those events, resulting in aging of cells, tissues, and organs, including the skin. Studies have shown that NAD can manage numerous hallmarks of aging such as genomic instability, epigenetic alterations, disabled autophagy, and cellular senescence. By refreshing NAD stocks in the cells, it would lead to optimal functioning of the cells, resulting in skin rejuvenation and proper maintenance of youthful skin.”

How can NAD work in skincare?

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While NAD supplements are a bit more widely known and discussed in the wellness community, He told me that there is less research when it comes to utilizing it in skincare. “Topical NAD is a relatively new field, and preliminary studies have found great potential in conditioning the skin, supporting the skin barrier, improving skin conditions, and also increasing cellular efficiency,” he explains.

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