31 Prada-Inspired Fashion Items to Buy For Spring

Prada S/S 24 runway show

(Image credit: Launchmetrics Spotlight)

As much as I’d like to add Prada’s entire S/S 24 collection to my wardrobe, it’s not possible. I’d consider myself lucky to add just one piece to my wardrobe. On that note, if you’re a Prada girl sans an all-Prada budget too, I’m here to offer some support in the form of Prada-inspired spring shopping. The S/S 24 collection was chock-full of beautiful pieces contrasted with utilitarian ones. There were ethereal gauzy pastel dresses and colorful satin shoes alongside utility jackets and sharp-shoulder blazers, elegant cardigans alongside eye-catching metallic fringe belts. All in all, there’s a throughline of ’90s minimalism that’s helped to form the current Prada look that’s so wildly popular.

I did some spring shopping through this lens and found a curation of pieces that’ll give you that current Prada look without the Prada pricetag. Keep scrolling to shop for chic spring wardrobe builders along with me.

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