29 Must-Buy Nordstrom Items That Are Too Good to Pass Up

@dawn.tan wearing white Dear Frances mesh flats.

If my mom would’ve let him, my dad probably would’ve pushed for my first words to be 401(k). That’s how insistent he is about me allocating a percentage of every paycheck toward retirement. I do—I swear. Sometimes, when my expenses suddenly go up and I’m in need of extra spending money, I have no choice but to reduce said percentage to a less-than-favorable allotment, at least by my dad’s standards. When this is the case, the blame usually lies on Nordstrom. Be it an unexpected round of discounts or a fresh restock of a previously missed It item, I’m admittedly weak to the retailer’s powers of persuasion. It’s unfortunate, I know, but it’s true.

After scrolling and scrolling through Nordstrom’s new items for spring, it quickly became clear to me that February will be yet another month when the share of my paycheck that usually goes toward my 401(k) takes a dip. What can I say? When the canvas-and-leather version of Ferragamo‘s Hug bag, a rainbow array of satin Prada mules, and a bevy of wardrobe-building elevated basics all arrive on the site at the same time, there isn’t really another solution. I’m sure my dad could come up with one. In fact, I know he would. That’s why I’m not going to say anything, and you better not either.

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