Too good to be true: The Galaxy Z Fold 6 might not have a 200MP camera after all

Galaxy Z Fold 5 camera

Damien Wilde / Android Authority


  • A reliable outlet reports that the Galaxy Z Fold 6 will stick with a 50MP main camera.
  • This comes after a leaker asserted that Samsung was considering a 200MP camera.

A leaker recently claimed that Samsung was thinking about bringing the Galaxy S24 Ultra‘s 200MP camera to the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 6. Now, a trusted outlet has made another camera claim.

Dutch website GalaxyClub said Samsung was currently planning to use a 50MP main camera on the Z Fold 6, adding that it’s the same camera as the Galaxy S24. The outlet said it couldn’t confirm rumors regarding Samsung considering a 200MP camera.

Either way, GalaxyClub‘s assertion of a 50MP main camera is in line with our expectations. There are several reasons why a 200MP camera seems unlikely for Samsung’s foldable.

A 200MP camera in a foldable?

For one, the S24 Ultra’s 200MP camera is larger than the 50MP sensor used in the Z Fold 5 and base S24. So fitting a bigger sensor in a constrained form factor like the Z Fold 6 would be a significant challenge.

Samsung has also taken a very safe approach to its foldables, for the most part. Most notably, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 has the same camera system as the Z Fold 4. In fact, the Z Fold 5 isn’t much of an upgrade over the Z Fold 3 in general. So a 200MP camera on the Z Fold 6 would be a left-field move.

Do you want a 200MP camera on the Galaxy Z Fold 6?

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A 200MP camera would’ve enabled much higher resolvable detail when shooting at full resolution. However, it’s worth noting that Samsung’s recent 200MP-toting phones have struggled with capturing moving subjects. So it’s not a stretch to imagine that this would’ve been a problem on the Z Fold 6 if it had a 200MP lens.

We nevertheless hope Samsung still brings better camera hardware to the Galaxy Z Fold 6. A slightly larger 50MP camera would be a welcome upgrade along with better zoom.


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