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The NRL has reportedly given the bunker power to rule on and make decisions regarding field goals in a huge change to the way the game is officiated in crucial moments.

According to AAP, field goals will be analysed by the match review official in the same way tries will be in 2024 to ensure each attempt is legal.

Every field goal attempt will reportedly be reviewed by the bunker before play restarts, with analysis beginning as soon as points are awarded by the on-field referee.

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The bunker will reportedly be taking a strict approach to kick blockers, whilst also being able to rule on if the ball passed through the posts and whether it was taken from outside the 40m line.

The bunker official will reportedly inform the on-field referee to delay kick-off until a final decision has been made regarding any foul play.

Should a missed field goal attempt go past the dead ball line, the bunker will also be able to check if markers were square before pressuring the kicker.

Interestingly, the bunker reportedly won’t be able to rule whether the defensive line is offside whilst attempting to stop the field goal attempt.

On-field referees can reportedly also call for bunker reviews on field goal attempts before they award points to the respective teams.

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The NRL is reportedly placing emphasis on attacking blockers during a field goal attempt and will be cracking down on those floating around the ruck.

“This is something that has got progressively worse over time, and one where we need to enforce the existing rule,” NRL head of football Graham Annesley said during a midweek video session.

“Players don’t have to be a certain number of metres behind the ruck.

“But there is also a rule which talks about deliberately obstructing another player not in possession of the ball.

“If the players are forming that kind of blocking action … the referee … and the bunker can determine that is an obstruction, and penalise for that.”


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