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Mark Schleibs implored Australia to “get behind” Sam Goodman in an incredibly classy moment during the latter’s press conference.

Goodman stopped Schleibs in the fourth round of their main event encounter at the WIN Entertainment Centre in Wollongong in a bout that was dominated by the super bantamweight mandatory challenger.

The fight brought an end to a heated war of wards between the pair in the build-up, with Schleibs even forcefully shoving Goodman at the weigh-ins on Tuesday.

However, Schleibs made sure to pay his respects to Goodman after they had buried the hatchet in the ring.

Just as Goodman’s press conference had wrapped up, Schleibs walked over to shake the Wollongong native’s hand.

“Good fight, well done, champion,” Schleibs said.

“Get behind him, man. He’s number one for a reason.”

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With the bad blood between the pair now officially settled, Goodman revealed his true thoughts about Schleibs, although he did cheekily label him as “a little pain in the ass.”

“He (Schleibs) was good for the event, he served a purpose,” Goodman said.

“Like I said, he helped build the event, he triggered a lot of people down here, that’s why he got the reception that he did. He got the reaction that he was looking for, but just not out of me.

Goodman added he’s “got no personal thoughts about Mark,” insisting Schleibs’ fight week demeanour was “all for show” and that he knows his beaten rival’s true colours.

“I know he’s not really like that as a bloke,” Goodman said.

“I’ve met him many more times before the build-up to this event.

“I don’t get caught up in all that stuff and that’s my thoughts on that.

“I just think it was all for show and there waa no real personal feeling behind it.

“It was just more annoying through the build-up, to be honest. He’s (Schleibs) just a little pain in the a**.”


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