Siphon Coffee Pot Set Coffee Siphon Pot 3/5 People Siphon Pot Set Filter Heat-resistant Glass Coffee Pot Manual 360ml/480ml



Price: 11.85 - 31.65

Siphon Coffee Pot Set Coffee Siphon Pot 3/5 People Siphon Pot Set Filter Heat-resistant Glass Coffee Pot Manual 360ml/480ml
Colour: Black,Gold,Silver
Material: Glass
Capacity: 360ml, 480m
Name:Siphon pot
Type 1:Siphon coffee pot
Type 2:Syphon Pots
Type 3:Coffee Syphon Ball Under

*Syphon coffee
*Tea maker
*Siphon Coffee Maker
*Vacuum Coffee Maker

*Flannel filter cloth, zero residue
*High heat resistant food grade glass

1. The bottle should be wiped dry, and there should be no water droplets, otherwise it will break.
2. To unplug the seat, turn it diagonally to the right and pull it upwards. Do not break it.
3. The spring under the middle filter should be tightened, the hook should be hooked, and it should be dialed to the center.
4. The socket should be inserted down firmly.
5. Water quality: pure water, purified water, magnetized water, do not use open spring water, tap water, distilled water, ionized water, soft water can be used.
6. Temperature 80~90℃
7. Time: all 50-60 seconds (do not exceed the time for too long), special coffee can be brewed for 1 minute.
8. The coffee beans should be fresh and not damp.
9. The best coffee beans are freshly ground and boiled for the most fragrant and delicious taste.
10. Pay attention to the wind direction, do not blow the fire directly.
11. Pay attention to the size of the fire source: small fire is best.
12. The brewed coffee powder is slapped loose, poured out, and then rinsed with water.
13. The number of segments for grinding beans is 2-3 (coarse grinding of acid beans, fine grinding of bitter beans), the number of segments for the new machine should be high, and the number for the old machine is low.
14. To warm the cup, use a warm cup sink, turn on a low heat and keep it warm to 80~85℃.
15. The filter should be soaked in clean water for use, and the filter cloth should be cleaned and replaced regularly, or the filter should be placed in a jar and stored in the refrigerator.
16. When pulling up the seat, hold the handle of the lower seat with your left hand, and grab the top of the upper seat with your right hand.
17. The water in the lower seat is best to use hot water to save boiling time.
18. The toggle method should be correct.
19. It is best to pour out the remaining water in the lower seat. When the coffee is about to drop, the remaining foam is also separated.
20. Just insert 2/3 of the wooden stick to move or stir, do not scrape the bottom filter.
21. Do not touch the wooden stick with other water and then take it back or stir it, it will stain the original coffee liquid.
22. Train a soft hand to make good coffee.
23. The amount of coffee powder and water should be correct, and pour it into the coffee cup just 8 points full.
24. Wipe the lower seat with a damp cloth, preferably the upper right corner.
25. Better bean recipes (combined hot coffee or single origin coffee).
26. Special brewing method can be used to increase the amount of coffee powder to 25-30 grams and shorten the time to 25-30 seconds.
27. It can be extended to 1 minute 30 seconds or 2 minutes for coffee with a special brewing method.
28. Do not use the stirring method or the rotating method. It is easy to brew the coffee into bitter, coke, sour, miscellaneous, light and tasteless.
29. Boiled with high heat, the coffee will definitely have a burnt taste, and it will feel uncomfortable when drinking.
30. When the coffee is ground too finely, the filter is easy to be blocked. If the upper seat is blocked and cannot be pulled out, first use a wooden stick to poke the powder away for ventilation, and then pull it out.


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