2023 New Men’s Basketball Shoes Cushion Anti Slip Sports Shoes Fitness Training Shoes Male Basketball Boots Basket Sneakers



Price: 32.14 - 6.61

• 2023 Basketball Shoe Design :Check out the latest 2023 design in men’s basketball shoes, perfect for the sports enthusiast who wants to stay ahead of the game.

• Anti-Slip Feature :These shoes come with an anti-slip feature, ensuring safe and stable movement during your basketball games or training sessions.

• Comfortable Cushioning :The shoes provide comfortable cushioning, reducing impact and providing support to your feet during intense workouts or games.

• Fitness Training Shoes :Not just for basketball, these shoes are also ideal for fitness training, offering versatility in your sporting activities.

• Male Basketball Boots :Designed specifically for men, these basketball boots offer a snug and secure fit for the ultimate sports experience.

• Sneaker Style :With their sneaker style, these shoes are not only functional but also fashionable, making them a great addition to your sportswear collection.

2023 new men’s basketball shoes cushion anti slip sports shoes fitness training shoes male basketball boots basket sneakers


1. Men’s basketball shoes made of TPR sole with anti-sli, anti-slide slip performance, more quickly to breathrough and change direction during playing basketball.

2. Basketball shoes/sneakers made of suede vamp to increase the protective performance and more coverage feet that whenplaying basketball can running and jumping more freely.

3. Basketball shoes with air cushion midsole with shock absorbing and cushioning performance that to protect kids’s feet when jumping and falling to divide the pressure.

4. Basketball shoes with good arch support that provide good stability, more safety and more comducive to turning when kids playing basketball.


Style: Basketball Shoes / Sports Shoes / Men’s Sneakers

Size: size 41-45

Color: Black Gold / Black Blue

Upper: Suede

Outsole: TPR Air Sole


Each country use different size standard, please check the size chart and choose the size only according to the Foot Length.


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