I Asked 2 Derms How to Reverse Age My Neck—Here’s What They Said

I’m 28 years old and about to turn 29. I’ve always been well aware that time brings some less-than-ideal skin changes along with it (it’s the price we pay for the privilege of aging!), but I was still somehow surprised when I spotted signs of aging on my own skin. One day, I looked in the mirror and noticed an accumulation of sun damage, as well as lines and wrinkles forming. I was struck by the realization that maybe my skin wasn’t “bouncing back” like it used to.

That was especially true for the skin on my neck. While I had never given my neck a second thought when I was younger, I was suddenly focusing on it all the time because of the newly entrenched horizontal lines that appeared somewhere around my 25th birthday. This so-called “tech neck” results from a forward, tilted head position that’s usually brought about by constantly looking down at phone and computer screens. For me, this checks out. I have a job that requires a lot of screen time, and I’m not immune to the temptation of TikTok doom-scrolling. Pair that with sun damage, and my neck looks way older than it should.

Listen, I’m not claiming I’m old; I’m still in my twenties for Pete’s sake. But that doesn’t mean I can’t do something about the state of my skin, and hopefully, reverse the clock a bit. That’s why I decided to reach out to two dermatologists to ask for the ultimate anti-aging neck skincare routine. I needed to know what at-home products to use, which professional treatments could help, and so on.

neck skincare

Here’s a makeup-free and filter-free photo to show what I’m working with. My main concern is the deep line that spans my neck from jawbone to jawbone.

beauty editor's neck lines

Here’s a front-facing view. I have three different neck lines, which is not ideal.

Step 1: Use an SPF Moisturizer Every. Single. Morning

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