A little Tuesday fashion fun

fashion funfashion fun

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  Today let’s have a little Tuesday fashion fun!

As I was researching for the news this week, I came across a couple of videos I wanted to share as fashion fun.

So, I will share the first one in this post.  I often discover fashion fun even if I cannot wear what is being promoted.

I really enjoyed the one I have for you today.

So, let’s dive in and have a little Tuesday fashion fun….


fashion funfashion fun

The weather is stunning in South Texas…it is spring break here…and the birds are singing.

So, I am really enjoying the FLORAL PONCHO I recently purchased at Chico’s….makes me smile with the beauty of spring.

Until I can get back to the weight I was prior to the surgeries, I like the ponchos…which hide and float away from that pesky middle.

I choosing to be hopeful that I will get back to where I was.

I am wearing the poncho over the SPUN RAYON TANK in verdant green.

I have already told you that I am super into this shade of green.

fashion funfashion fun

I am also seriously considering this dress…though I have not ordered it yet.

This is the POPLIN PLEAT SLEEVE POPOVER DRESS…and it also comes in a lovely shade of lilac.

fashion funfashion fun

I also wanted to show you this display I found at Chico’s over the weekend.

We had a great discussion on Saturday in the 2024 Fashion Trends: Tailored Vests...so I thought you might enjoy seeing how it was styled.

The vest is the SATEEN STRETCH VEST.  I do love this English Cream color and hope Chico’s brings us more options in this color.



I stumbled upon this video, Closet Confessions: How I Style Old Clothes with Trinny and really enjoyed it.  (sometimes I just like to listen to them talk!)

It is a bit long, but fun to watch her go through old clothes and decide if they can be salvaged.

Trinny is 60, and very thin.  I cannot wear what she often wears, but it was inspiring and helpful to me to watch her go through this process.

Sometimes, we need inspiration to look at old clothes with new eyes.

Let me know if you enjoyed the video and perhaps what your takeaway was.

Also, was there one thing about her style that stuck out to you…there is for me…I will share it after I see if anyone else noticed what I noticed.

That is it today for a little Tuesday fashion fun!  Let me know if you enjoyed…and hopefully you will join us tomorrow for Today’s News for Women Over 50.

For those of you in snow and cold, have hope…Spring will come.


By Pamela Lutrell

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fashion funfashion fun

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